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We have a robust, varied academic program at Bethlehem Elementary School that focuses on building a strong foundation in the areas of literacy (reading and writing), mathematics, the social sciences, as well as digital literacy and citizenship. Students also participate in Art and Music classes once a week for 45 minutes and two 45-minute classes in Physical Education.

BES students are exposed to many genres of books from realistic fiction to instructional non-fiction, poetry, and historical fiction. Students write in multiple genres including opinion, narrative, and information writing. Students are expected to be reading (read to or reading independently) at least 15-20 minutes a night in the primary grades and 20-30 minutes independently in grades 3-5.

Region 14 students, grades K-12, are benefiting from the addition of Chromebooks and Tablets (K-1) as instructional resources. All students in grades 2-12 have their own Chromebook to use as an instructional tool, allowing them to differentiate and show evidence of their learning in multiple innovative ways.

Teaching and learning at BES is preparing our students to be future-ready for college and career. Along with strong academic foundational skills, we focus on four competencies; communication, collaboration, critical-thinking, and creativity, which we believe will support our students on their path to becoming responsible, productive, contributing members of society.