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Second Annual Elementary Invention Convention Sparks Student Creativity at BES

If you’ve ever been frustrated with things like burnt toast, shoes that keep coming untied, a karate belt that won’t stay put, or even whether to keep that empty pizza box or throw it away, look no further than the Region 14 Elementary School Invention Convention. 

This month, the 2nd annual event at both Bethlehem and Mitchell Elementary Schools showcased the inventions of third, fourth, and fifth graders who took an everyday problem and came up with a solution. 

Both schools welcomed several Region 14 community members including administrators, district science teachers, Library Media Specialists, Board of Education members, and other staff who judged the students’ work. Judges scored the inventions in originality, designing and building, testing and refining, market potential, social value, and presentation. 

This event was organized for the second year as an optional event for upper elementary students by Christina Strell, the K-5 STEM and Social Studies Coordinator to get students thinking about problem identification, problem-solving, and creativity. The top scorers at each school will move on to the state online semi-final judging round and possibly the state finals at the University of Connecticut in June.